Teeria Legends
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Teeria Legends

We are a Terraria Server Network featuring best of its kind adventure survival, free items and soon a refresh of our free build server! We have recently celebrated our re-debut with amazing new features to provide an even better service.
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"The closest you can get to a Terraria MMO"—Now even closer

Our adventure style survival server includes many MMORPG-like features with a full class and level system, class-specific abilities, character stats gained from items, level & class restricted items, a trading currency, modified and balanced bosses, and much more!

MMORPG-Like Character Stats

We are the first survival server to feature MMORPG-like character stats such as health, critical rate, critical damage, damage reduction and much more! Gain stats by equipping regular Terraria equipment, explore newly buffed accessories and armor sets, and create your own personal build!

Experience based leveling, re-imagined

We have overhauled the experience system to balance it better: you still gain experience from fighting enemies, but now this includes both dealing and taking damage and healing other players as a support class, making many more builds viable and enabling the much more dynamic array of classes!

Performance and fixes

All our servers have many exclusive performance related improvements, now supporting a lot of activity from a lot of players players without any server lag.
We also are the first and only server that fixes many old & new Terraria multiplayer issues that have been prevalent for years to improve the gameplay all around.

Intuitive, clean & consistent UI

All of our commands and system messages are hand crafted and designed to be consistent and easy to use and understand. No more red messages screaming at you with exclamation marks and confusing errors!
You can even customize the color theme by choosing one of the predefined themes or with the custom theme editor that is currently in the making.

Utility & quality of life

Our servers feature quality of life improvements including advanced grief protection, utility commands to display information about specific items, extended Pylons and teleportation features, making many non-renewable items renewable and farmable, a better DPS calculation and much more.

All items, without limitations

Our free items server offers all available Terraria items, including ones that normally cannot be obtained. Experiment with them, try out new builds and test yourself on enemies in the arena!

Official Discord

Join the community, meet the developers and staff members, get direct 1:1 support and get notified with announcements and changelogs on our official discord server at discord.gg/9asR2SD.
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