Teeria Legends


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All Ranks below are stacked in order, starting from *ALL all the way to the bottom to Ghost.
Every Rank has to oblige the *ALL rules.

RankAssigned Rules
  • By making use of any kind of third-party client except for the ones applied to by our standards will end your purchased position immediately.
  • You are not allowed to change the time of the Server when there is an active Mechanical Boss or Event going on, abusing this will greatly increase your chance of ending your purchased position.
  • You are to oblige the rules attached to your position or you will risk losing your position permanently without any refunds, discussions or negotiations possible.
  • Do not attempt to bypass any of the rules by using either Clever Logic or Reasoning, all rule statements are final.
  • You are permitted to use the teleport command to warp towards other players if they agree with you as being their company, do not annoy players.
*The Titan rules also apply to this Rank.
  • We disallow and discourage players with & above rank Python to share spawned-in items with other players including yourself, please refrain yourself from breaking this rule by bypassing our System.
  • You are allowed to summon creatures, please do keep in mind that summoning harmful creatures near the most common warps is forbidden. You are permitted to spawn non-harmful creatures everywhere but may only spawn harmful creatures in the designated Arenas.
*The Titan & Python rules also apply to this Rank.
  • Please prevent yourself from setting your character's stats too high while taking place in a Player-Versus-Player Battle, this is not considered fair gameplay towards other regular players.
  • You are permitted to stop ongoing Events, but you are not permitted to stop Events set by any staff member or other (non) ranked players.
*The Titan, Python & Venom rules also apply to this Rank.
  • You are permitted to change your Prefix, Suffix & Color(s). Please note that upon personating a staff member by using either their tag name or color, your account will be permanently banned without any refund(s). The same rule applies to overly long tags or offensive tags.
  • Please refrain yourself from building too many huge-sized buildings, provide regular players with enough space to build.
  • Please refrain yourself from over-using dynamite or explosives, massive grief is not allowed.
  • Please refrain yourself from over-using invasions as they may interupt the Server from working properly.
Premium Expansion
  • Please refrain yourself from over-using the Drill Mount to destroy massive pieces of the World, disallowing other players to gather resources.
  • You are not permitted to use the god mode command while taking place in a Player-Versus-Player Battle.
  • Please refrain yourself from renaming an NPC to anything inappropiate.
Ghost Expansion
  • Please refrain yourself from spamming in the chat, you can still get muted by one of our Staff Members upon abuse.
  • Please refrain yourself from over-using Boss Summoning items.
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